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NewYork Art Production Order

2021 May Up-coming Albums

Yoonmi Choi Trio "7 Days"

Thanks for interesting my up-coming album, "7 days"
I find Michelangelo as the most creative artist. And I can't help thinking about his passion and tenacious hard work after I saw his painting at the Sistine Chapel ceiling. 


I proudly present my new project, which is inspired by the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.


My album has a total of 7 original songs. Each song has a story about the Creation of 7 days.

Yoonmi Choi


페이팔 계좌가 없으신 분들께서는 무통장 주문을 이용해주십시오.
(입금 후 jazzbandmaria@쥐메일.컴 으로 입금자 성함 보내주세요!)

신한은행 327-04-812388 (예금주 : 최윤미, 7,000원)  

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